Love For You [Set About]

Frühwerk makes his Set About debut with his powerful EP “Love For You”, which consists of 3 tracks. It’s a great representation of his style and signature. He brings to you a wide array of driving, melodic and atmospheric sounds, including vocals that stick with the listener. All tracks have a unique energy and get the dance floor shaking.

Acid Heart (Frühwerk Remix) [EXTIMA]

In the second remix, Frühwerk raises the stake and delivers a cracking hypnotic workout with a stubborn bassline that works its magic in the low-end.

King (Frühwerk Remix) [Mosiak Records]

The next release called „Speeches” are produced by RUSUS & Purrdition. They show us two hypnotic and forward pushing tracks including a melodic remix by Frühwerk. Enjoy!

Dancing Leads [Reloard Records]

The track has been released on Reload Records, owned by the YellowHeads! Release date: 13.05.2022

Losing Hope [EXTIMA]

He delivers an impressively sweet double-tracker EP with perfect driving basses as well as his signature melodic and atmospheric elements. Both tracks are having a subtle and effective progression and they do their utmost work on your emotions. Things go with fluidity, albeit, making you feel vibrant inside.

No Silence [Renesanz]

Austrian producer Fruhwerk delivers our 241st release. His ‘No Silence’ EP features 3 remarkable techno tracks, full of synths and melodic vibes.

Loud People (Frühwerk Remix) [Sound Dissonance]

The track has been released on Sound Dissonance, owned by Puncher! Release date: 25.06.2021

Ambiguous [Sound Dissonance]

The tracks have been released on Sound Dissonance, owned by Puncher! Release date: 11.06.21

Narc [Olatu Records]

Olatu Recordings brings four Techno bangers produced by Frühwerk, enjoy!

Polarize [Solamente]

The tracks have been released on Solamente, owned by Deborah De Luca! Release date: 18.01.2021

Prolo Therapy (Frühwerk Remix) [Phunk Traxx]

The track has been released on Punk Traxx, owned by Deborah De Luca! Release date: 28.08.2020

Can’t Kill Me (Frühwerk Remix) [DistroKid]

The track has been released on DistroKid,! Release date: 29.05.2020

Stairs [Playoff]

He debuts on Celic & Juan Ddd’s label Playoff with ‘Stairs’ EP which consists of two authentic masterpieces.

Unexpected Luck [White Line Music]

Unexpected Luck EP consists of two deep and intrusive dance floor thumpers which will take the sound systems by surprise!

Everybody [NOT]

Welcome Fruhwerk on NOT and his track “Everybody” with Sopik,Rabo & Traumata Remixes.

Vienna [Psykometrik]

The track has been released on Psykometrik,! Release date: 30.07.2018

Magnetism [Finder Records]

The track has been released on Finder Records! Release date: 26.02.2017

Mode [DKR]

The track has been released on DKR Records! Release date: 01.01.2016

Laugh & Relax [Funk’n Deep Records]

Funk’n Deep Records presents Syndication, Vol. 40 Various Artists. Our Syndication VA allows the opportunity for emerging producers to showcase their work through our label. This release includes eight techno tracks ready to smash the dance floors.

Acapulco [White Line Records]

We welcome Rabo and Traumata to the White Line family with this techno tune to get your party started! Extra bonus remixes from Frühwerk and Nachtstroom are also part of this EP to make things more exciting.

Machine Learning [Mavic Music]

We are excited to release the 3rd Mavic Missiles compilation featuring high tech techno. With these compilations we like to introduce new artists on the scene with unusual talent as well as veteran studio producers. 9 tracks from around the world that will surely rock dance floors. Follow these artists and enjoy!